An ancient passion born among the best vineyards in the heart of Caneva
The cultivation and harvesting techniques
Due to the hilly disposition of the vineyards, every working phase, from pruning to grape harvest is entirely and rigorously handmade, thus respecting the tradition and the vine. The grape harvest begins in the first ten days of September, after having verified the grapes maturation level.
Our territory
We obtain fresh, elegant, robust and sapid wine by the union of the wine-making of these grapes and the geological characteristics of the clayish ground, the mild climate and the sun, which caresses the vineyards for almost the entire day.
Prosecco doc
Extra Dry
Its color is light strew yellow with a fine and persistent perlage. Fragrance is clear and intense with white flowers aroma, especially wisteria, followed by yellow apple and pineapple. Aroma is sapid, soft, with harmonic body and pleasant ripe fruit fragrance.
Prosecco doc Brut Millesimato 2017
Its color is straw yellow with greenish glares, with fine and persistent perlage. Fragrance is clear and intense with fresh fruit aroma. Its bouquet is rich in flowerish fragrances most of all acacia and wisteria, with lime, green apple and white peach scents. The taste is fresh, elegant, round body with a good sapidity, well-balanced acidity and delicate mineral notes.
The company's philosophy is to produce without the aid of herbicides and through integrated and selective pest control, focusing on quality rather than quantity.
Extra virgin olive oil
Our olive trees are placed on the sunny shores of the Col de Fer hill and surrounded by terraced vineyards. We grow different varieties of olive trees, such as “Bianchera – typically friulian, “leccino”, “grignano” and “pendolino”.
Our oil is gold-green, with fruit scents and finally its taste is fruity with a light spicy sensation. Our oil is characterized by a very low acidity and yet being a first pressing oil it contains a quantity of wax under the levels according to the law.
Il FigoMoro di Caneva
The so called “Figo Moro da Caneva”, a variety of fig typical of this town, is a delicious product of the pronvinces of Pordenone and Treviso, in the area between Piave and Livenza rivers. This fig distinguishes itself for the exceptional organoleptic and nutritional values, which derive by the ground, rich in calcium carbonate, potassium and various mineral salts.